Chapter 2... Introducing my "Sophie"

Chapter 2... Introducing my "Sophie"

By Charlotte Bjorklund

Chapter 2... Introducing my "Sophie"

Presenting Sophie,

Sophie at Linnea Lund is a scarf,

But in my life she is more than that, she is like a second mother.

The people that know me very well will know that I have something for Sophie’s in my life.

I just keep attracting them and loving them.

There is a particular connection between me and the beholder of this name.

I met Sophie 11 years ago during my position at Trend Union.

She has always been extremely elegant, soft, discreet, calm, subtle and resonates her caring for the people she loves through small smiles.

With Sophie, we have a lot in common… our love for shirts, for food, for our animals and most importantly the love we have for our mothers.

Linnea Lund was born thanks to her. I couldn’t find an appropriate gift for her birthday so I decided one morning to produce a scarf for her, because she is always cold. Something she and my mother have in common amongst other things. So I decided to produce two scarfs for her and her mother and 2 for me and my mother.

These were the first 4 prototypes, of course they were even better than our expectations.

And that's how Linnea Lund was born, I had the first product, the “ Sophie”, the production on demand and the emotional part… the rest would follow.

Sophie today assists me on a daily basis with so many things.

So Thank you Sophie for all your love and for caring.

I hope that you all have a Sophie in your lives because trust me life is much more fun and brighter :-)