Charlotte björklund


A French-sounding first name, a Swedish face, outspokenness and a rare determination for a young woman. Here's a brief description by Charlotte Björklund. A globetrotter, constantly on the lookout for discoveries to quench her thirst for learning.

Her background is atypical. Self-taught and multilingual. Charlotte offers her know-how to countries such as Italy, France, Sweden and all English-speaking countries. Charlotte speaks 4 languages.

Having studied different sales techniques on a national and international scale, she now has the necessary distance to find effective solutions to the various problems that can arise in a company.

She took her first steps in Trend Research alongside the great and indispensable Lidewij Edelkoort. This experience gave her an initial overview of sales techniques, adapted to each country.

Her strength lies in her open-mindedness and neutrality, enabling her to step back from each different situation to analyze needs and find solutions.


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