Fully sustainable, high quality cashmere wool

Cashmere wool is a very luxurious product and, like many other rare and precious materials, only a few craftworkers still have the ancestral and non-industrialised knowledge required to craft it. At Linnea Lund, we stand against the abusive exploitation of humans and animals for commercial purposes.We are committed to stringent, ethical standards and work with trusted collaborators.

A traditional and cruelty-free harvest method

To produce cashmere wool, we harvest the finest fibre : the goat’s undercoat, a very good insulator that protects goats from freezing temperatures in winter. In spring, our partner shepherds harvest these fibres with an ancestral method : they run a comb through each animal's coat, by hand. Each goat can provide up to 250 grams (approximately 8 oz) of raw cashmere wool, which will be spun and woven afterwards to become a knit. The Casa blanket requires about four years of harvest on a single goat : a long but necessary process in order to guarantee proper traceability and respectful and caring conditions for workers and animals.

Immutable know-hows

Once harvested, cashmere fibres arrive in Italy, in a family-run spinning mill located on the slopes of Mount Petrano and specialised in carding and combing wool threads. For several generations, this manufacturer has been known for its magnificent colour palettes. There, thefibre is cleaned, spun and dyed before it is sent 15 kilometers (9 miles) away, in a family-run knitting workshop located next to seaside, in Fano. Under the trained eye of the matriarch Linda, each model is made on demand, then verified one by one. She sews Linnea Lund labels by hand then sends the garment to us and we pack it for you.

Our commitments

A unique, high quality cashmere wool, available in bright and vibrant colourings.

A sustainable, cruelty-free and ethical manufacturing process that draws on ancestral knowledge.

Particular care and attention to details and customization, the key to create unique pieces.