A trip to Sweden

A trip to Sweden

By Agathe Mangin

A trip to Sweden

 Today is a great day to share our love to Sweden

Hej !*

Today is a special day for us. 
We'd like to make you travel to Stockholm to share with you this culture that we hold deep in our hearts, make you dream, and perhaps project yourself for an upcoming trip for this summer (or later)!
When we travel to Sweden, we have our little habits, our places that we love a little bit that our full of memories. 

Discover our favorite spots, especially for you:

Restore at gourmet's heaven

1 - Rosendals Trädgård

Wonderland. A timeless place where you can eat and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere. 


2 - Fabrique

 Fabrique is an artisanal bakery in Stockholm, simple but far from ordinary. Let yourself be tempted by the famous kanelbullar, the traditional Swedish cinnamon buns.  


3 - Östermalms Saluhall 

A friendly covered market known for its good food: a real oasis for gourmets and food lovers. Don't miss Lisa Elmqvist's! 


Feel like home

Ett Hem

Ett Hem, "A House" in Swedish, loves the idea of making you feel like home. A blend of ancient and novelty, Ett Hem, was the first place to believe in Linnea Lund and distribute a capsule line to make their occupants feel (even more) like home.  


Experience typical Scandinavian design

Svenskt Tenn

An institution in Stockholm. Svenskt Tenn opened its doors in 1924. The quintessence of Swedish design, its collaborations with new designers and art schools make its current renowned.


Well-being and benevolence are the key words of Linnea Lund, values that we share with the Swedish culture, dear to us. 
That's especially why today we wanted to share our favorite places with you and give you a little piece of Swedish culture !