Linnea Lund or the culture of slow fashion

Linnea Lund or the culture of slow fashion

By Charlotte B

Linnea Lund or the culture of slow fashion

What is slow fashion?

When she created Linnea Lund 5 years ago, Charlotte Björklund was driven by the same ambition that drives her today: to rethink the way we consume fashion, and more specifically cashmere, by prioritizing quality over quantity with clothing whose manufacturing traceability is exemplary. A fashion that is both more reasonable and sustainable with basic pieces that have not forgotten to be elegant and comfortable.
In many ways, this philosophy defended by Linnea Lund is at the very heart of slow fashion, which encourages us to take the act of buying seriously. In fact, for Charlotte, "a garment is a a garment is a long-term investment. It must be able to be worn on different occasions, both during the day and in the evening, and be easy to match with the other pieces you already own.
It should be easy to mix and match with other pieces you already own. So buying a garment is more serious than it seems, and it's not just a matter of closely linked to our desires, our wishes but also to our convictions and our values. our values.

Moderate production and pre-ordering: two strong values at Linnea Lund

At Linnea Lund, we function a bit like a "laboratory" where we want to be as close as possible to our customers' wishes while ensuring a moderate production with a low impact on the planet. That's why "the pre-order system is an intrinsic value of Linnea Lund, as Charlotte often likes to say
Charlotte often likes to remind us. Pre-ordering allows us to produce only what is sold and therefore necessary. And above all, it allows us to produce according to the wishes of our without imposing trends or time frames. An approach made possible This approach is made possible by the collections that we have deliberately chosen to be unisex, timeless, trendless and seasonless to give free rein to the desires of each and everyone, whatever the month of the year, and allow you to create the dressing room of your dreams
in a sensible way!

Pre-ordering to save the craft industry

And we can't ignore the human dimension linked to our pre-order system. As soon as you pre-order on the website, a whole chain of creation and production is set up, and you are the first link. Because pre-ordering also means participating in the durability of the craftsmen with whom Linnea Lund has always worked, who can thus live from their know-how. This is the case of Marco's family knitting workshop which, after having suffered from a lack of activity for a long time, is now working all year round, thanks to you and to the pre-order.

Pre-ordering or the pleasure of wearing a garment made just for "you"

Thanks to our pre-order system, the piece you have chosen from our collections, by clicking on "pre-order", is made in Italy especially for "you", in the color and size of "your" choice. Then, you only have to wait two to three weeks to receive it at home, nicely packed.

And for the impatient...

We have thought of you! And it is on the side of our "best-sellers" that you will find your happiness since we produce them all year long in small quantities. These pieces are those that you can also discover in our stores in Paris and Stockholm, but also in pick-up on our website. You will see, when you place your order, you will just have to click on "Add to cart" to order the desired piece which will then be delivered within 24 or 48 hours, at your home or in the relay point you have selected.

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