margot louis my linnea lund

My Linnea Lund : Margot Rousseau & Louis Bompard

By Charlie Tiani

margot louis my linnea lund

Each week we invite a member of the Linnea Lund community to share their views on fashion. Together we talk about their relationship to clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. And, of course, it's exciting and full of delicacy and love.

This time it's Margot Rousseau, fashion journalist, stylist and consultant, & Louis Bompard, head of communication for an accessories brand, who are the first #MyLinneaLund couple!

She worked for ten years for women's magazines before taking her freedom two years ago by becoming a freelance stylist and consultant for various brands. Inspired by this, Margot gave us the artistic direction for our latest Linnea Lund campaign, immortalized on the Emerald Coast.
He was also a journalist for a long time, but now he is the head of communications for an eyewear brand and plays with words.

Both of them have always had fun with fashion and its codes. She loves feminine and contrasting outfits, and does not hide her love for beautiful basics and our grass green. He has the art of wearing hats and assumes shirts with a hint of colour, nonchalantly half-open, which let you see his collection of necklaces and tattoos. They are accomplices, both of them freely cultivating their style, but the harmony of their looks is always there.

This beautiful balance can also be seen in their shared passion for second-hand furniture, which they love to hunt for together. Furniture, stoneware vases, ethnic statuettes and totem poles, the more an object has a story to tell, the more likely it is to find a place in their warm and multi-influenced 18th arrondissement flat.

It is in their Parisian nest, where they are about to welcome their first child, that they receive us to tell us about their wardrobe and the Linnea Lund pieces they love.

- How would you define your style?
Louis: When it comes to fashion, I take on everything I want. My style is tinged with the past, with references to other periods. I have an affinity for Dolce Vita looks: sunglasses with smoked glasses, open shirt over my necklaces, wide trousers and high waist.
Margot: My style is feminine, with a vintage twist, often bohemian. In general, I like contrasts: a man's blazer with big shoulder pads worn with a satin sleep dress, close to the body. Or the delicacy of a lace dress with big boots.

- What is your favourite colour from the Linnea Lund palette?
Louis: The colour jeans, as timeless and effective as real denim.
Margot: My heart is set on the colour Honey, which enhances a tan, and Grass (the name of the colour of the green dress she's wearing), which is a great alternative to khaki.

- How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere?
Louis: For me, softness means comfort. I like to wear cashmere with basic pieces because it makes them chic.
Margot: I like to wear cashmere in an oversized way, like a comforting blanket.

- What objects do you think represent Sweden?
Louis: Tomas Brolin's right foot (a Swedish football player).
Margot: The clogs (and their distinctive clatter) that rarely leave my house in summer.


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