Create your Linnea Lund

Create your Linnea Lund

By Bianca Aponte

Create your Linnea Lund

     When you shop at Linnea Lund you should pride yourself on knowing no one else will have the garment you choose. By making sweaters on demand, we can assure that each item is made specifically and uniquely for the person that is buying it. This means that a limited amount of each garment and color are sold! Even further, we offer amazing customization options so that our garments are 100% meant only for you.

By following these steps you can help in creating a piece that is just for you! 

1.  Choose the garment you want

      We have a variety to choose from!



2.  Tell us your measurements!

    This helps us make sure your item fits you perfectly. Download the following file, fill in the necessary information and email it to after you have bought your product.




3.  Choose the color you want

This we leave all up to you. Choosing the color is the fun part. You can pick your favorite color or choose one to match with something you already have in your wardrobe. Our color options are wide and timeless and will fit in any occasion or moment.


4.  Choose if you want embroidery

On the product page where you choose size and color, there is a customization option. There you can choose the embroidery color and choose what you want it to say (or want it to be.) Here is an idea!


embroidery broderie linnea lund

Happy customizing!
If you have any questions please feel free to email us at