All About Our Silk and Cashmere Blend

All About Our Silk and Cashmere Blend

By Bianca Aponte

All About Our Silk and Cashmere Blend

How much do you know about our silk and cashmere blend? We at Linnea Lund value product transparency and believe the more we educate you about our garments, the easier it is for you to find something that suits your needs. Let’s dive into the world of silk cashmere!



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Linnea Lund’s fine blend of silk cashmere is made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk. Like all our other products, they are in accordance with fair trade standards meaning our yarn is harvested in Mongolia and spun by artisans in the Marche region in Italy who are renowned for their quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a new luxurious cashmere sweater, consider a silk-cashmere blend.



Håkan in Navy

There’s a really great reason to blend cashmere. Blending cashmere with other fabrics enhances the properties of the fabric and produces a material for a particular garment type or use. In this case blended doesn’t mean diluted or lower quality! 

Both silk and cashmere are luxurious fabrics that are soft and breathable. When silk is combined with cashmere, it makes for a killer drape and hand feel. The resulting material drapes around your frame for a fitted look as well as offering a lighter and more ethereal knit able to regulate temperatures. This means it keeps you cool when it’s warm and the other way round! Not to mention, this ideal combination of noble materials and its lightweight nature makes for a more transeasonal piece that can be layered or worn solo making it particularly suitable for traveling due to its lightweight properties and it being able to handle a variety of temperatures.


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Silk fiber help to prevent stretching during wearing, cleaning and drying of the garment keeping the shape of the garment for longer. Silk Cashmere is also a nice way to move cashmere out of the comfort category and adds an elegant lustre and sheen to the look. Overall, a silk-cashmere blend can be deemed an enhancement over pure cashmere.

Now you’re probably wondering, why should I choose a silk and cashmere blend over 100% cashmere? 

The answer is that it all depends on what you are looking for! As mentioned before, silk cashmere is just more breathable and fresh while pure cashmere is warmer.


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