Celebrating Linnea Lund 1st Birthday !

Celebrating Linnea Lund 1st Birthday !

By Charlotte Bjorklund

Celebrating Linnea Lund 1st Birthday !

Linnea Lund was born a year ago today.

On April 19, 2019, I received the first samples of Susanne, Maya and Noah.

The adventure was just starting.

Thanks to the fantastic Italian partners that I had encountered everything was set up very quickly and smoothly.

Obviously all this would not have been possible without you, because without you, we would not be there!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your orders, your messages, your likes, your support.

Thanks to you, a little girl's dream has come true and this one is not about to stop!

The Linnea Lund collection is growing day by day, we promise you a lot of very nice surprises to come and as of September we are happy to share that we will have a little swedish nest to welcome you 6 days a week in Paris.

On this birthday of Linnea Lund, I especially want to thank:

my mom “Susanne” for her talent as a seamstress (she is the one sewing all the labels of each Linnea Lund product),

my sweetheart “Sophie” for her creative direction,

my sister ‘Angela’ for being the best ambassador and for making the brand known in the USA,

my father ‘Johan’ for his support,

my brother “Harry” for hosting the first Linnea Lund sale in his restaurant

& at last but not least Marco our fantastic producer who believed in us since day one;

We can't wait to blow many more candles with you!

Thanks again & Take care of yourself

Charlotte Linnea Björklund