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The Essence of the brand

At Linnea Lund, we are pleased to offer you products made to order with the best and softest quality cashmere.

Linnea Lund cashmere is one of the most sustainable friendly cashmeres on the market.
Charlotte Björklund, founder

The Cashmere

What is cashmere? It’s a wool that comes from the extremely soft and fluffy undercoat of cashmere goats. Buried under their wool, this layer of undercoat protects them from the freezing temperatures of winter.

Our cashmere comes from goats living in Inner Mongolia, a region with an extreme climate. We buy our cashmere according to the terms of fair trade from the village's nomadic shepherds.

They are the ones who comb the goats in the spring to recover the precious wool which is then sent to our Italian factories to be cleaned and spun. The part we harvest is the silkiest. It is between the neck and the belly.

A goat produces a maximum of 250 grams of fibre per year. So it takes four years to produce the amount needed to make a Linnea Lund product.

The spinning

At Linnea Lund, our attention is focused on the quality of the cashmere yarn. These yarns are made in a family factory located in Cagli, a small village in the Marches region built on the slopes of Mount Petrano, two hours south of Bologna and Florence.

Beyond its know-how, we have chosen to collaborate with this ancestral spinning mill, specialized in carded and brushed yarns, for its art of dyeing because it has the particularity of offering a magnificent palette of colours.

By becoming a Linnea Lund product owner, you will discover the unique sensation of the contact of these threads on your skin. Something to look forward to when winter arrives!

The production

For the production of the Linnea Lund range, we have chosen to rely on a family-owned knitting mill, located only 15 km from our spinning mill. By locating our production, we are careful to reduce the carbon impact of our products.

Our collaboration with this knitter is a true relationship of trust. A true partner of Linnea Lund, the knitter offers us the possibility to produce each piece on demand to avoid overproduction.

Each product that is manufactured requires their full attention. It’s made especially for you.

The whole process is supervised by Linda, matriarch of the family, who hand sews the labels on each Linnea Lund piece.

All products are then carefully hand-packed by Charlotte and her mother, Susanne.