Cashmere Comb

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This piece made for you with love consciously in Italy will be sent to you within 2-3 weeks.

Cashmere is a luxurious fabric that must be maintained very carefully.  You will want to use a comb that is specifically made to use on cashmere. Our lightweight and easy to use comb will definitely do the trick!

How to use: 

Lay your garment flat, smooth out wrinkles and pull the fabric tight. Hold the comb on your dominant hand at a 90° degree angle and comb in short repeating strokes. Lastly clear comb of any fuzz.


Natural, breathable: do not wash your cashmeres too often! Ideally, wash them after 3 uses.

Cashmere likes water: hand wash or machine wash (20°, delicate program).

Wash in a pouch or pillowcase. Spin gently and dry flat on a clean towel.

Beat the hangers! Store your folded cashmeres to keep the fit.

Linnea Lund's cashmere

Our cashmere yarn is harvested in Mongolia according to the rules of fair trade. It is then woven in Italy by manufacturers with recognized expertise in the Marches region.

Linnea Lund and ACD Paris

We have entrusted the Parisian association ACD, which supports people with disabilities, with the task of making the presentation pockets for our products from fabric scraps donated by a prestigious textile group based in Como, Italy. Each of our durable cashmere pieces can be personalized according to your preferences: for example, a first name or a sweet word embroidered on the front or back of your sweater.

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