About Charlotte Bjorklund, Founder of Linnea Lund


 A first name with a French sound, a Swedish face, a
frank talk and a rare determination for a young woman. Here is
a short description by Charlotte Björklund. Globetrotteuse, in
constant search for discoveries to feed one's thirst
to learn.

Her career is atypical. Self-taught and polyglot. Charlotte
offers her know-how to countries such as: Italy, France,
Sweden as well as all English speaking countries. Charlotte speaks 4

Having studied the different techniques of scale sales
national and international, it now she has all the distance
necessary to find effective solutions to the different
problems that can be encountered in a society.

Graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion Marketing and Management,
it is knowing how to surround yourself with the best - during your school or professional journey - that Charlotte is
undeniably distinguished and enriched.

She is taking her first steps in Trend Research alongside
the great and unmissable Lidewij Edelkoort. This experience 
allows her to make a first inventory of sales techniques, adapted to each country.

It is her openness and neutrality that are her strength and that
allow you to take a step back from each diferent situation
to analyze needs and find solutions.