Food Fridays : Glögg

Food Fridays : Glögg

By Bianca Aponte

Food Fridays : Glögg

Welcome to the second episode of Linnea Lund’s Food Fridays. For those of you who are new, during the month of December we are introducing Food Fridays! Every Friday we will share one of our favorite Swedish dishes for you and your loved ones to try out at home. We believe the holidays are the best time for sharing and exchanging recipes and traditions with your family, friends and colleagues. This is why at Linnea Lund we want to share a little of our Swedish culture with you!

Today’s recipe is of the traditional Glögg. Glögg, the Swedish version of mulled wine,  is an essential part of the lead up to Christmas in Sweden. Try out our recipe below and host a Glögg party of your own! We recommend you prepare this recipe in advance so that the wine can infuse well.


▢ 235 ml vodka

▢ 1 bottle of red wine

▢ 2 cinnamon sticks

▢ 10-15 cloves

▢ 2- 3 sliced ginger root

▢ 1 tsp cardamom pods

▢ 2 tbsp orange zest

▢ 110 g caster sugar

▢ 1 tsp vanilla sugar

▢ 3 tbsp raisins

▢ 3 tbsp almonds blanched and slivered

▢ orange slices for garnish


  1. Pour the vodka into a small jar. Add the cinnamon, cloves, ginger, orange zest, cardamom and raisins (optional). Cover and leave to infuse for at least a day, preferably a week.
  2. Combine the wine, vodka , sugar, and orange zest,  into a 2-3 quart pot. Heat to 175 F (77 C) and let simmer for 2 minutes. (Do not bring to a boil)
  3. Remove from the heat and let it stand and steep for 1 hour.
  4. Strain to remove the fruit and spices and gently reheat the punch.
  5. Add a few almonds and raisins to each serving glass and garnish with a slice of orange, anise or your garnish of preference. 
  6. Enjoy!