VSD loves the cabincore

VSD loves the cabincore

By Mickael Loison

VSD loves the cabincore

The cabincore, Sweden in your wardrobe !

This winter, the trend is putting in spotlight the cabincore, the perfect blend of a countryside and elegant style. The cabincore will make you want to escape, unwind, and feel cosy in the countryside. 

Feel the peaceful nature, be in harmony with it : the cabincore exudes serenity and enhance a rustic elegance.

Do you feel Swedish vibes in it ? 

How to wear cabincore ? 

Soft knits, thick jumpers, rustic prints, warm cameos (beige, grey, brown), quilted coats, sleeveless jumpers...
The main keyword: comfort & cosy !

Our jumpers will be perfect for this winter's trend : VSD made a selection of a total-look cabincore. 

Thanks for this publication !