Stockholm City Guide

Stockholm City Guide

By Charlotte B

Stockholm City Guide

Charlotte Björklund takes you with her to her favorite streets and neighborhoods in Stockholm and shares with you her must-see addresses for a gastronomic, exotic and typically Swedish experience, of course!



12 rooms, a collection of antique objects, pieces of furniture emblematic of the history of Scandinavian design and this pleasant feeling of being in a cocoon, as if "at home" - almost a literal translation of "Ett Hem" - is all the charm I find in this hotel located in the quiet embassy district which, behind its façade of an old house typical of Swedish architecture, offers all the comfort and modernity expected when traveling alone, as a couple or with the family. And my attachment to this place is stronger because its owners were the first to believe in Linnea Lund... If you stay there, a delicate attention will be waiting for you: our cashmere socks carefully placed on the bed.Hotel Ett Hem is definetly always a big "yes"!

Sköldungagatan 2, 114 27 Stockholm, Sweden




 If, like me, you love gastronomy, you can't ignore this covered market, a real belly of Stockholm, which has taken up residence in an old 19th century shed to welcome the cream of the crop of chefs! I can never resist the call of Lisa Elmqvist's chic and delicious table, where I always end up enjoying a generous platter of of seafood.

Östermalmstorg, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden



It's simple, this is MY favorite bakery in Stockholm. I love each of their recipes, carefully made from raw, fresh and natural ingredients that invite us to bite into pastries as melting as addictive! Not to mention their Kanelbullar, the cinnamon bun that I love and that is a real queen at the table of our Fruskost at Linnea Lund! Believe me, you can go to Fabrique, your taste buds will say "thank you".

Rosenlundsgatan 28, 118 53 Stockholm, Sweden




Sweet tooths, this address is for you! This is one of the few Swedish tea rooms founded by a woman, Esther Nordhammar. That was in 1928, almost a century ago, and since then nothing has really changed or so little. Excellence remains a rule and it is now the chef Johan Sandelin who is its guardian. His collection of brioches is dizzying and his pastries are each more delightful than the last, including one in the shape of a dome that contains a subtle white chocolate mousse in which one is never slow to stick a spoon. To be savored with a cup of latte!

 Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden



It's generous, greedy, warm and typically Swedish! It is truly my HQ for a lunch on the go. I love the bright setting, the columns of books and their plates with cleverly colored and seasoned compositions that will conquer both the the desires of both carnivores and vegetarians!

Karlavägen 71, 114 49 Stockholm, Sweden



For me, it is the wonderland! There is a rose garden in the middle of which a coffee house has bloomed, where you can have lunch and have a snack. Here, all the recipes are made from the fruits and vegetables passionately cultivated in the surrounding greenhouses where the art of biodynamic agriculture. This bucolic and soothing atmosphere, will offer both gourmets and souls in search of green spaces.

Rosendalsvägen 38, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden





I'm taking you with me on board of the Miss Behave Bar, the perfect place to enjoy a terrace as soon as the weather is fine, while warming your throat with a rum on the rocks or a mulled wine with gingerbread treats! Special notice to burger lovers theirs are to die for! As for the selection of fresh beers with amber reflections you couldn't be better off.

Tullhus 2, Skeppsbron 25, 111 30 Stockholm, Sweden




After a visit to our store located in the center of Stockholm, Nybrogatan 59, let's go to Svenskt Tenn, an institution in Stockholm for all interior design lovers! Founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, an art teacher at the age of 30, this store has been a small revolution since its creation, thanks to its selection of design furniture offered at friendly prices. A century later, this family business still shines, especially through its collaborations with art schools and young designers. I love it!

Strandvägen 5, 114 51 Stockholm, Sweden





If the Museum of Modern Art is a must for its temporary exhibitions, the Vasa Museum is undoubtedly the ideal destination for a family escape into the history of navigation. You will certainly be amazed by the grandeur of this ship that ran aground in the 17th century and has remained in the in the depths of Stockholm harbor for more than 300 years before being brought to the surface, almost brought to the surface, almost intact. In a word, captivating (for young and old alike!)




 Ready for an exciting experience? Well, it's only 15 minutes away from the capital in the middle of the Hellasgarden forest, where you can try a traditional Swedish sauna followed by a dive in the frozen water of the lake next door! A hot-cold experience you won't forget!