Linnea Lund travels to Ett Hem

Linnea Lund travels to Ett Hem

By Charlotte Bjorklund

Linnea Lund travels to Ett Hem

Let's start with the good news!

It's with a great pleasure and a lot enthusiasm that I am very happy to share that Linnea Lund will be available as of next week at the beautiful Hotel "Ett Hem" in Stockholm.

This hotel apart from being the most beautiful hotel in the world corresponds at 100% to Linnea Lund's DNA.

Jeanette Mix the Founder of ETT hem managed to create a home away from home.

Ett Hem provides 12 beautiful rooms and suites; superbly comfortable, relaxation room, gym, library, sitting room.

It’s all presented in a very low key yet extremely elegant, a very swedish way of living I would say.

And you have access to a Special lunch and dinner menu where you will be served seasonal products cooked for you with love.