Linnea Lund, an attachment to Italy and the excellence of its craftsmen

Linnea Lund, an attachment to Italy and the excellence of its craftsmen

By Linnea Lund

Linnea Lund, an attachment to Italy and the excellence of its craftsmen

A scarf story...

During her years at Trend Union, working with the trend queen Li Edelkoort, Charlotte met many weaver-spinners workshops, including a historical one located on the Adriatic coast, which is none other than the Cariaggi spinning mill founded in the late 1950s. And it is from this beautiful house, known for its noble yarns, that one day Charlotte recuperates a kilo of cashmere yarns from which she wishes to make a mini-serie of four scarves that she plans to offer. With her raw material in hand, she had to find the craftsman who would know how to knit these precious threads with respect.

In Fano, a few kilometers from the Cariaggi spinning mill, a family knitting workshop is dying... At its head, Marco tries to keep his father's legacy alive.

Supporting an Italian knitting company and its ancestral know-how.

At this time, Marco's knitting workshop is going through dark times. The activity is off and the future of the family business is very much uncertain. A sad reality for Marco who struggles to believe that his father's legacy is dying out... but this was without counting on the destiny that would make him meet Charlotte, this Parisian with Swedish origins woman, who came to order a mini-serie of four 100% cashmere scarves, under the impulse of Cariaggi.

A week later, Charlotte received her precious order. A treasure. The piece at her neck quickly became an object of envy. It was then, that the idea of launching another mini-serie blossomed in her mind. In the end, about sixty scarves will be made individually, in about ten colors. A first challenge for Charlotte and a big bet for Marco who follows her without imagining for a moment that they are writing the first chapter of what will become Linnea Lund. Then, came the emblematic Maya round neck and the inevitable Charlotte sweater.

Thanks to this confidential production, Marco's workshop is born again. The ballet of the machines slowly picks up again while the skilled "little hands" of the seamstresses are once again busy expressing their know-how. Among them, there is Linda, Marco's mamma and the soul of the workshop...

Linda, the mamma and the soul of the workshop

At 75 years old, this “little” woman with a round, jovial face has always lived to the rhythm of the family workshop. First, by her husband’s side, Marco's father, and now with her son. She has everything of the Italian mamma. Protective, benevolent and generous. Moreover, it is not rare to see her arrive in the morning with a dish of meatballs that will be happily shared at lunch time. But Linda is above all the soul of the workshop. She is the one who holds all the know-how. She is the one who passes it on without measure. With passion, Linda has trained each of the workshop's seamstresses. They all work in the old fashioned way, on manual knitting machines, with a foot pedal. There, they skillfully assemble all the elements that make up the final piece, before meticulously tucking each thread into the seams by hand. This is a goldsmith's work and an unrivalled know-how that allows Linnea Lund to design cashmere pieces of unparalleled quality and finishings, but also increasingly complex pieces, such as our Fjällen collection in jacquard.

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