By Linnea Lund


“Fjällen”, the soft and warm cashmere shell from Linnea Lund for a cocooning winter in the mountains

Charlotte Björklund, the founder of Linnea Lund, looks back at the origins of the capsule collection “Fjällen”, She tells us all the secrets of the production of this limited edition made in Italy, which contains the Lucie gloves, the Snöflinga hood and the Frost jumper. A cutting-edge collection in which the unique know-how of our Italian craftsmen and the Swedish art of cocooning are highlighted.


What does "Fjällen" the name of this collection, tell us?

“Fjällen”, means “mountain” in Swedish. A perfect name for this first capsule collection which has a very special meaning for us at Linnea Lund, as it marks a new chapter in our story: our collaboration with the warm and cosy luxurious chalet-hotel Les Airelles, in Val d’Isère, where the collection will be sold. Linnea Lund goes up to the skies to the French-Italian border!


What were your sources of inspiration?

 “Fjällen”, is intimately linked to my Swedish culture, to the memories I have as a child of those very cold winters, but also so comforting because spent with our family. I immediately think of the snow, of course, and its white coat that covered everything and offered us a huge playground.


As always, color plays an important role in this collection...

Yes, this first capsule was built around a range of 6 colors that, to me, embody winter, snow, but also the dazzling light of the mountains. Among the colors, there are two very light tones, our Off White and our essential Oatmeal; two warm shades, our sublime Honey and Macchiato; and two cooler ones, more modern shades of denim and navy blue. For me, these are also the six iconic colors of Linnea Lund.


The Frost jumper is in jacquard, why this choice?

Because of the challenge of creating a very graphic design that had to be reproduced perfectly. A great challenge and a real technical skill! Everything is thought out so that the thread falls in the right place and this requires an incredible know-how.


This is what makes it THE masterpiece of the collection...

Yes, it took us more than eight months to create this jumper! Every detail was thought of to create a very elaborate cashmere piece. This jumper has the uniqueness of being as beautiful inside out as it is inside in. Not a single thread sticks out! It is a work of goldsmith, of a crazy complexity, by our Italian craftsmen with whom we have always worked.


A work of goldsmith made possible also thanks to the quality of the cashmere thread used...

Indeed, the yarns we use are extremely supple, harvested by combing, in a traditional way and with respect for the animal, at the level of the undercoat of the goat, where the fibre is the finest.


Moreover, it is a 6 thread cashmere, another particularity of the jumper.

Yes, 6-ply cashmere offers that thickness and more compact appearance that makes It a warm and soft shell. Everything you need to protect yourself from the cold in winter when you’re in the mountains! And, of course, we are 100% cashmere, whether it’s for the Frost jumper (which requires 1 kilo of cashmere) or the Lucie gloves or the Snöflinga balaclava.


The Snöflinga balaclava, a highlight of the season!

Absolutely! We’ ve been working on it for a long time. We wanted to make a hood that covers enough but doesn’t squeeze the face either, and above all that keeps the neck warm, with the possibility to uncover the head while keeping the neck protected. And I was talking earlier about my childhood in Sweden and, as a child, the balaclava was one of my must-have accessories.


With which other Linnea Lund piece would you combine the 3 pieces of the “Fjällen”collection?

 Our cashmere trousers, Florence, with their wide, slightly flared legs, straight cut and high waist. For a full cashmere look that is both casual and elegant! I also like the idea of combining the jumper with a silk skirt or jeans for a more modern and urban look!


Will the collection be available all year round?

No, it is limited in time and sold exclusively online and at Airelles Val d’Isère, and soon in our boutiques in Paris and Stockholm. With “Fjällen”, I really wanted to surprise, to shake up our codes and to bring something new to the table alongside our permanent collection of iconic unisex basics. I’m particularly proud of this mountain capsule, which features some very elaborate pieces.


One final word....

Enjoy and stay warm!


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