My Linnea Lund : Roman Frankel

My Linnea Lund : Roman Frankel

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund : Roman Frankel

Every week we invite members of the Linnea Lund community who inspire us as much as we inspire them! We love to meet them, converse and hear their views on their personal style and how they mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. It’s personal, it's easy, it's from the eye of the LL community, with love and care! 

This week’s extraordinary guest for #MyLinneaLund is an Architect, and dear friend of Charlotte’s, Roman Frankel.



Roman opened his own architecture firm called Akira Studio in 2016 after having spent a year in Tokyo in Sou Fujimoto’s firm and having been inspired by his own Japanese heritage! Since then he has worked in creating interiors for homes, restaurants, cafés, and bars along with window displays for Ruinart and Veuve Clicquot. His design skills and repertoire also extends to creating and designing the packaging and bottle of Shape Blancs de Blancs as well as the Shape Blason Rosé by Perrier-Jouët.

Ever since Roman and Charlotte met through one of Charlotte’s closest friends, who also happens to be his girlfriend, she saw in him one of Linnea Lund’s most important values: craftsmanship. Roman values quality, design and artistry overall when it comes to his work and designs. He has even designed his own collection of lamps! We at Linnea Lund exalt craftsmanship and believe our craftsmanship says a lot about who we are and permits us to offer higher quality products while supporting the farmers in Mongolia and the artisans in Italy.



Continue reading below to find out more on Roman’s style and how he incorporates Linnea Lund in his everyday wardrobe.

How would you define your style?

I consider my style to be classic plus, as I embellish it with some unique, designer pieces with quality materials, an out of the ordinary fit and impactful details.

What is your favorite color from the Linnea Lund palette? 

Navy, but also some pop of color like your orange

How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere? 

The styles I'm particularly fond of: The Charles and the Edward, I love their unique details.

The seams at the shoulders for the Charles.

The wide collar with the dropped shoulders for the Edward.

I wear it with basic straight cut jeans and ankle boots or with a fitted corduroy pant.


What represents Sweden for you? 

I look at architecture and colors: Sweden = Little red houses, of course!


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  • Black
  • Charles - Bordeaux
  • Charles - Grigio
  • Charles - Off White
    Off White
  • Charles - Pearl Grey
    Pearl Grey
  • Charles - Cobalt
  • Charles - Jeans
  • Charles - Baltic
  • Charles - Flash Pink
    Flash Pink
  • Charles - Powder
  • Charles - Seaweed
  • Charles - Grass
  • Charles - Green Forest
    Green Forest
  • Charles - Khaki
  • Charles - Clay
  • Charles - Macchiato
  • Charles - Chocolat
  • Charles - Moka
  • Charles - Oatmeal
  • Charles - Honey
  • Charles - Orange
  • Charles - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Charles - Smoked Grass
    Smoked Grass
  • Charles - Tomato
  • Charles - Cherry Red
    Cherry Red
  • Charles - Slate blue
    Slate blue
  • Charles - Sage