By Linnea Lund


Every week, we invite a woman or a man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship with clothing, their wardrobe, and how they enjoy mixing and matching our conscientious cashmere pieces. This time, the #MyLinneaLund personality of the week is Perla Servan-Schreiber, author and chef, and one of the most inspiring women of the silver generation that we know.

Some people are said to be "sunny." And while the term is sometimes overused, it seems to have been coined for Perla Servan-Schreiber. There is a lot of light emanating from her, from her white hair always pulled back in a ponytail, from her laughing eyes betraying her zest for life, and from her face that is never seen without a smile. And then there's all that white that has become her uniform, her identity, her way of presenting herself to the world.

The first time our paths crossed with Perla's was on a rainy Monday in December. She arrived at Place Furstemberg, surrounded by close friends to celebrate her birthday. A few days earlier, she had sent us a message saying she couldn't imagine a prettier place than our Parisian boutique to celebrate her 80th birthday with her friends. An honor for us who share with her the pleasures of the table, the art of hosting, the love of good things, and the joy of serving our guests. The moment was exquisite, and the desire to meet again was immediate.

That's how we were invited to her home to talk about her unconditional love for whites, she who knows so well how to blend them together, and her appetite for existence. Yes, Perla loves life, loves aging, and has made age (and not ageism) her battle cry. Thus, she celebrates the bodies of women her age and claims the freedom that old age offers when traversed in good health. And, over the years, she has become one of the most inspiring spokespersons of this new generation dubbed silver. This generation of men and women who age so well that they don't look their age. Firstly, because they have the chance to grow old in good health. Secondly, because they have decided to stay connected to others, regardless of their age, and firmly rooted in the world in which they live. This is where Perla's art of living resides: "joyfully accepting reality" rather than waging war against oneself, one's body, or one's age. And watching her cook, one of her first pleasures along with sharing her recipes and tasting them, one realizes that yes, aging is beautiful, it is a chance, and that old age is indeed full of lovely promises...

So, let's meet Perla, who fell for Oscar, our sleeveless cashmere top for women, in its off-white version, obviously. An essential piece from the Linnea Lund wardrobe, also stunning in midnight blue.

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