My Linnea Lund: Guillaume Salmon

My Linnea Lund: Guillaume Salmon

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Guillaume Salmon

Each week, we invite a woman or a man from our Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship to clothing, their wardrobe and the way they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces.This time, Guillaume Salmon, our image consultant and founder of Tact communications agency, is the personality behind this week’s #MyLinneaLund!

Guillaume Salmon's gentle yet determined gaze betrays the temper of a cool conqueror. He is tattooed, with a streetwear style. He loves soccer, and particularly the Paris-Saint-Germain. t first glance, Guillaume Salmon seems far from the world of Linnea Lund... And yet...

Starting out as a salesman at colette, the former undisputed temple of hype and cool in fashion and design, based on Rue Saint-Honoré, he became its Press agent. Their story was supposed to last 3 springs and ended up lasting 18 years. Years during which he learned-by-doing, in the heart of a place that has thrilled Paris (and a little of the the rest of the world too), dictating the codes and trends of a hyper-eclectic lifestyle of ultra-limited collections. So when colette closed in 2017, Guillaume Salmon saw an opportunity to move on and founded his own communications agency: Tact. A name he didn't choose by chance, he who loves authenticity, frankness, and courtesy.

Like thousands of other curious minds, Charlotte Björklund has been following Guillaume Salmon's career path for a long time. "To me, he is the Press agent of Paris. An extremely cool man who has fascinated me ever since the colette years. And all it took was a mutual friend to bring them together to realize that their two worlds were not so far apart: "I was looking for a real partner to help me make Linnea shine even brighter. And I'm lucky to have a press agent like Guillaume, who works with brands completely different from Linnea Lund. It creates a real contrast. We complement each other, and that's our strength."

And so we met Guillaume Salmon in his parisian apartment, that is also his photo studio. That day, he wore our Anette men's cashmere cardigan, in its Off-White version. With his calm voice, frank gaze and generous smile, he welcomed us to talk about fashion, of course, but also the objects that are part of his life, like his Chet Baker framed posted, rescued from a fire in his childhood house. He talks about his urban, masculine style and his love of layering, which he expresses with Linnea Lund pieces, of course!


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  • Black
  • Anette - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Anette - Off White
    Off White
Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
  • Peggy - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Peggy - Off White
    Off White
Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
  • Black
  • Edward - Bordeaux
  • Edward - Grigio
  • Edward - Off White
    Off White
  • Edward - Pearl Grey
    Pearl Grey
  • Edward - Slate blue
    Slate blue
  • Edward - Cobalt
  • Edward - Jeans
  • Edward - Baltic
  • Edward - Powder
  • Edward - Seaweed
  • Edward - Grass
  • Edward - Green Forest
    Green Forest
  • Edward - Khaki
  • Edward - Sage
  • Edward - Taupe
  • Edward - Macchiato
  • Edward - Pebble
  • Edward - Moka
  • Edward - Oatmeal
  • Edward - Honey
  • Edward - Lemon
  • Edward - Cherry Red
    Cherry Red
  • Edward - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Edward - Smoked Grass
    Smoked Grass
  • Edward - Anthracite