My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Linnea Björklund, founder of Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Linnea Björklund, founder of Linnea Lund

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Linnea Björklund, founder of Linnea Lund

Today is the second episode of #MyLinneaLund. 

Every week, discover members of the Linnea Lund community, who share their views on their personal style and on how they mix and match our iconic Julien, Clara, Berit…. It’s personal, it's easy, it's from the eye of the LL community, with love and care. 

On this wednesday, it's me, Charlotte Linnea Björklund, founder of Linnea Lund.

Through my brand, I want to create pieces the best quality traceable to the goats in Mongolia at the best price. Reinterpreted essentials of everyone's wardrobe made to last through years and years of wearing. 

Everything is made by our fantastic Marco in Italy.

With this in mind, let's go further and let's discuss about how I interpret and wear our products, how I would style them to stay trendy and chic years after years of wearing. 


How would you define your style ?

I like to mix classic and trendy pieces; with time, I have understood that to feel secure and feel good, I need  to feel comfortable but always chic and a bit dressed up.
I am not really a  person that fits with the casual jean / sneakers outfit.
My favorite outfit is a pair of navy pants with a white shirt, a Charlotte turtle neck and a pair of loafers or high heels. 
Nothing too much, nor too fancy, very simple yet elegant or at least I hope :-)
I believe in investing in good essentials that will always be timeless.

Your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette?

My favorite color in the palette is the Macchiato  named after my dog, Macchiato.

He is a French Mastif ( Dogue de Bordeaux) and has this amazing brownish butter color that is very hard to find.

I feel that this warm caramel color is just so beautiful and mixes so well with everything, just like my dog!

How do you wear the Linnea Lund cashmere?

What I love about LL; is that all the products can be worn dressed up or down, I can wear it on the country side to feel all bundled up or in the city for an important take over the world meeting or a fancy night out. Given that our products come in such a large variety of colors, you will always find one to elevate your outfit and keep you warm!
My favorite touch is to always put my sweaters or tops tucked in to my bottoms for a little loose look, and if it’s a warm day I keep a sweater on my shoulders, you never know when the AC will give you a bit of chills.


Which object represents Sweden for you?

Definitely, the Gustavsberg Blåblom cups, you probably have seen them on our pictures for the breakfasts we host in front of the shop.
They are white with blue flowers, and are so pretty!
The wallpaper in the store is also from a swedish designer, very happy and bright. Our Linnea Lund color is also a typical swedish color called Falun Rod, basically Sweden is all around us! hahaha



Charlotte Linnea Björklund