My Linnea Lund : Angélie

My Linnea Lund : Angélie

By Mickael Loison

My Linnea Lund : Angélie

Today is your episode of #MyLinneaLund. 

Every week, discover members of the Linnea Lund community, who share their views on their personal style and on how they mix and match our iconic Julien, Clara, Berit… It’s personal, it's easy, it's from the eye of the LL community, with love and care. 

Angelie is a close friend of mine and I’m so proud to spotlight her today.

She supported me from the start and has always been wearing LL pieces with proudness and enhancing them her way.

Moreover, one big and funny coincidence, she’s married now to a Swedish and is waiting for a baby half French half Swedish : just like Linnea Lund !

Sweden has conquered her heart different ways and is fully part of her life now.

I’m glad LL has its place in this !

Today, we met her to talk about Sweden, but also her style, how LL matches and completes perfectly her wardrobe, Swedish way!

How would you define your style?

Since I moved from Paris to Stockholm, my style have totally changed. It have become much more casual. In Paris, I use to follow the trend and was not scared to spend my week in high heels! It is not the case anymore in Stockholm especially because of the weather and a much more sporty life with a lot of walks. Despite this, I try to always keep a feminine and elegant touch!


Your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette?

I love all of them, but if I have to choose it would the “honey” because we need extra sun in Sweden!



How do you wear the Linnea Lund cashmere?

A piece Linnea Lund, with a jean, sneakers and a nice bag. Like this I can stay casual but with a really elegant touch thanks to the amazing cachemire that Linnea Lund is using.


Which object represents Sweden for you?

The slippers! Indeed, I was so surprised the first times I went to have dinner to my friends place and I had to take out my nice little shoes! Their technic is often to bring indoor choose in their bag!!


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