My Linnea Lund : Clara

My Linnea Lund : Clara

By clara Molinier

My Linnea Lund : Clara

Today is a very special #MyLinneaLund day as we’d like to introduce you a very special woman, a linchpin of Linnea Lund’s team. 

Here is Clara, our beloved coordinator I met at Li Edelkoort. At that time, she was an intern and I already knew she was special : she is someone when you meet her, you can’t do without anymore. I knew and saw how important she could be for a team, by her energy, smile, dynamism she brings everywhere she passes. 

So what a wonderful surprise when 1 year ago, when I put the ad to recruit the first permanent contract of LL, I saw Clara’s application after not having seen each other for 2 years ! 

How good is life done sometimes :)  


So today, I’d like to dedicate My Linnea Lund day to thank her for everything she does as a coordinator, but also so much more. 

Thank you for following everything, from the product development, production, customers care, to the follow up of each package to make sure that everything is wrapped with Linnea Lund’s identity. 

Thank you for the Thursday morning breakfasts, for your dynamism, for the smile your bring everyday. 


She embodies so well LL’s identity, and proof she’s really part of the family : she has a product named after her !

Funny coincidence : she was born on St. Charlotte's Day. A true sign our paths were made to cross !

We at Linnea Lund know that everything happens for a reason.


So today, Clara, it's your turn to answer our questions !


How would you define your style?

My style is feminine and colorful. Often Handmade, I wear high waisted pants, short skirts and heels, lots of sweaters ! 

Your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette?

Like LL colors, my favorite colors change every week ! This week let's say : slate blue !

How do you wear the Linnea Lund cashmere?

Everyday, whether it's the Edward sweater in honey at work, an Alma top or the Gina in the evening or my Florence pants and Lotta socks cosy at home. 

Which object represents Sweden for you?

The Dalarna horse.