My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Björklund

My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Björklund

By Charlie Tiani

My Linnea Lund : Charlotte Björklund

Every week, we invite a member of the Linnea Lund community to share their perspective on fashion. Together, we discuss their relationship with clothing, their wardrobe, and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. And of course, it's exciting and full of delicacy and love.

This time, it is our very own Charlotte, founder of Linnea Lund, who is the #MyLinneaLund woman of the week!

This girl shines. That's what everyone agrees on when they meet Charlotte for the first time. And the light that emanates from her doesn't just come from the reflection of her softly shimmering blonde hair. It also, and above all, comes from her overflowing energy, constant joie de vivre, fighting spirit, and her thirst for sharing. Speaking of sharing, it's no coincidence that the kitchen is her favorite place to live. A place of delights and the perfect excuse to set a beautiful table and gather to remake the world and toast in good company, a glass of red wine in hand!

It's her French side that perfectly marries her unwavering optimism and warm authenticity, coming from her Swedish roots, and this is felt in her brand. Linnea Lund is now inseparable from Charlotte, as the two correspond and complement each other. There is the love of beautiful materials, notably cashmere and silk, and the desire to create sustainable and responsible fashion that respects ancestral and family know-how. Family also holds an important place in Charlotte's life. When she isn't in Paris, she goes to Normandy to recharge with her mother during horseback rides, accompanied by Stella, her beloved dog, who follows her everywhere, even into her dressing room, which she quickly opens for us...

Her style mirrors her wardrobe: masterful and colorful. There are many shirts, often in cotton, that she likes to wear with our Mimi cashmere sweater or our short Anette cardigan. As for skirts, she collects them in silk and always pairs them with our iconic Julien top. Her current favorite: our Forest Green!

But it’s in its vibrant orange version that she welcomes us to her home, a few steps from the Hôtel des Invalides, to talk about her wardrobe and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves.

- How would you define your style?
My style is feminine, elegant, Swedish, and timeless.

- What is your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette?
I love all the colors of Linnea Lund. But right now, I'm particularly drawn to our vibrant orange and our denim blue.

- How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere?
I wear it all year round, layered or directly on the skin. This reflects my ambition with Linnea Lund: to show that there is no season for wearing cashmere, but it all depends on the color and thickness.

- What objects represent Sweden to you?
Gustafsberg cups.

- What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe or apartment?
My kitchen and my balcony. They are my decompression rooms.

- What clothing item from your wardrobe would you keep if you could only keep one?
My Casa blanket.

- If I say cashmere, what do you think of?
Linnea Lund, of course!


Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
  • Julius - Baltic
  • Black
  • Julius - Citrus
  • Julius - Céladon
  • Julius - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Julius - Mint
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  • Julius - Peach
  • Julius - Vitamin
Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
  • Black
  • Berit - Bordeaux
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  • Berit - Cobalt
  • Berit - Baltic
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  • Berit - Powder
  • Berit - Parme
  • Berit - Seaweed
  • Berit - Clay
  • Berit - Grass
  • Berit - Green Forest
    Green Forest
  • Berit - Khaki
  • Berit - Sage
  • Berit - Macchiato
  • Berit - Pebble
  • Berit - Moka
  • Berit - Oatmeal
  • Berit - Honey
  • Berit - Lemon
  • Berit - Orange
  • Berit - Tomato
  • Berit - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Berit - Jeans
  • Berit - Smoked Grass
    Smoked Grass
  • Berit - Cherry Red
    Cherry Red
  • Berit - Marinière
  • Berit - Anthracite