My Linnea Lund: Amélie du Chalard

My Linnea Lund: Amélie du Chalard

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Amélie du Chalard

Every week, we invite a woman or a man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship with clothing, their wardrobe, and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. This time, it is Amélie du Chalard, founder of the contemporary art gallery Amélie, Maison d'Art, who is the #MyLinneaLund personality of the week!

Eight years ago, Charlotte* and Amélie shared an office and confidences. While Charlotte managed her own trend consulting company, Amélie du Chalard worked in finance and fundraising. But both dreamed of something else. While Charlotte already had her sights set on sustainable, conscious cashmere, Amélie was sketching plans for a new art gallery, designed like a warm home or apartment, where art would vibrate without intimidating or overwhelming.

Today, Charlotte and Amélie's paths have crossed again, and each has seen their dream come true. Charlotte founded Linnea Lund, while Amélie now runs her own gallery, Amélie, Maison d'Art. And the experience is unique. At Amélie, Maison d'Art, "we defy the codes of traditional galleries," proclaims Amélie du Chalard. The artworks are not hung on a cold, white wall. No, at Amélie, Maison d'Art, the artworks vibrate together and occupy the space in a way that they become part of everyday life, a lifestyle, an interior.

And every visit to Amélie, Maison d'Art tells the same story for those who cross the threshold: a wave of emotions overwhelms them, and each person experiences a suspended moment in this very special place, changing according to the desires of the collectors, thanks to Amélie du Chalard's talent for composing scenographies that, while tastefully meeting visitors' desires, are above all imbued with poetry and softness, revealing Amélie's obsession with offering delicate attentions to abstract art lovers.

Indeed, this is what Charlotte loves about Amélie: "She has her own way of promoting the artists she supports by creating a unique experience for each visitor. You immediately feel her deep admiration for the artists she highlights and her desire to offer each visitor access to their own universe. I find this very beautiful and very new."

On this warm June day, we walk along the Left Bank and the Saint-Michel district towards the narrow Rue Séguier. It is here that Amélie has realized her dream and immerses her visitors in a unique and intimate experience. Dressed in our Oscar - Midnight Blue, she talks to us about her gallery, her looks, and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves.

*Charlotte Björklund is the founder of Linnea Lund.