My Linnea Lund: Juliette Levy

My Linnea Lund: Juliette Levy

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Juliette Levy

Each week, we invite a woman or man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship to clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. This time, Juliette Levy-Cohen, creator of Oh My Cream! a clean beauty concept store, is the #MyLinneaLund woman of the week!

"Taking care of women and their skin, giving them access to an alternative beauty, cleaner, more expert and more inspiring", this is the mission Juliette Levy gave herself almost ten years ago when she created Oh My Cream !, a concept-store dedicated to clean cosmetics, which is full of beautiful finds (often unavailable elsewhere), where the transparency of the composition of the products is as safe and clear as the pretty packaging. And we love it!

For Juliette Levy-Cohen, a lot has happened since she left the Essec school. First, there was her first internship at Le Bon Marché, then her desire to put a brush stroke in the beauty business (sometimes bling-bling and not always clean-clean). And that's how she built a real success story with Oh My Cream!

Two rounds of financing later, Juliette Levy's company has grown into a small empire with a hundred employees, twenty boutiques in France and two storefronts in London, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

In fact, Juliette Levy-Cohen is the kind of woman who reminds us that anything is possible, as long as we believe in it and roll up our sleeves. Hard-working, passionate about cutting-edge cosmetics and a fighter at heart, she proves that you can be a woman, talk about cosmetics and be taken seriously. And behind her sweet face with youthful features, there is above all a fiery personality, hyper luminous, who always thinks of the next move. And so it is in her sleek and minimalist Parisian apartment that Juliette Levy-Cohen welcomes us, dressed in our Sarah Midnight-blue, to talk to us about her brand, her timeless looks and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves.

How would you define your style?
I have a pretty classic style. I like very clean, timeless looks. I prefer all-purpose colors, beautiful materials, nice cuts that give you style, but in which you are still very comfortable.

What is your favorite piece of your dressing and/or apartment?
The three little frames from Virginie Hucher that dressed up our
Oh My Cream advent calendar.

If I say cashmere, what do you think of?
Something very warm


Instagram account of Juliette Levy : @juliettelevycohen

Instagram account o Oh My Cream ! : @ohmycream

To discover the Oh My Cream ! universe :

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  • Sarah - Oatmeal
  • Sarah - Baltic
  • Sarah - Black
  • Sarah - Bordeaux
  • Sarah - Cherry Red
    Cherry Red
  • Sarah - Chocolat
  • Sarah - Grass
  • Sarah - Green Forest
    Green Forest
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  • Sarah - Honey
  • Sarah - Jeans
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    Midnight Blue
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    Slate Blue
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  • Sarah- Smoked Grass
    Sarah- Smoked Grass
Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
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