"britta-oatmeal" HELLLO


Our V-neck poncho Britta is just as warm and soft as the roll-neck poncho Angela. A must-have in the Swedish wardrobe for those who are in search of warmth and comfort and want to feel as if they were bundled up in a cashmere cloud. Perfect to wear outdoors and indoors, the Britta poncho is convenient to put on in just seconds, and adds a chic and comfy touch to your outfits as soon as temperatures turn cooler.

Charlotte’s fashion tip : “The V-neck allows countless possibilities of layering : I love to see it being worn with a turtleneck sweater (the Charlotte is perfect!), or with a shirt to reveal the collar only and the Johan square scarf adding a preppy touch. It can also be worn over a suit or even with a baggy jeans and a pair of Conserve shoes : it offers an infinite range of possible styles and always brings a touch of elegance.”
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Customization (+€30) :

Delicate Touch...

Each of our sustainable cashmere pieces can be customized as you desire : for instance you can choose to embroider a name or some sweet words on the front or on the back of your pullover.

Customization (+€30) :


The 100% Cashmere pieces

Cashmere is a natural and breathable fibre : don’t wash your garments too often ! The ideal method is to wash after it has been worn three times.

Cashmere fibres love water : you can either hand-wash or machine-wash it (use a cold and delicate wash cycle, at 20°).

Select gentle spin and dry flat on a clean towel.

In your closet, do not hang your cashmere garments but rather fold them to preserve their structural integrity.

Linnea Lund cashmere

In accordance with fair trade standards, our cashmere yarn is harvested in Mongolia and then spun by artisans in Italy who are renowned throughout the Marche region for their quality craftsmanship.

Linnea Lund and ACD Paris

We entrusted the Parisian association ACD, which provides support to people with disabilities, with the task of sewing our products’ presentation bags, made from scraps of fabric that are donated by a prestigious textile groupe based in Côme, Italy.

Each of our sustainable cashmere pieces can be customized according to your desires : you can for instance choose to embroider a name or some sweet words on the front or the back of your pullover.