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The story


It was while imagining some scarves for her "two moms" that Charlotte Linnea Björklund fell in love with the cashmere.

Her brand, Linnea (middle name of all the women in her family) Lund (meaning clan, community, tribe in swedish) was born in September 2019.

Charlotte thinks of her sweaters, scarves, bandanas, collars, cashmere mittens as perennial objects, of high quality, and designed in a sustainable and responsible way.

The Björklund Family


For the production of the Linnea Lund products, Charlotte has chosen to collaborate with a family owned spinning mill in the Marche region near Bologna.

This small family business sources its cashmere yarns from Mongolia, from responsible farms where animal welfare is paramount.

After being dyed, these yarns are then knitted fifteen kilometres away, in a family owned factory, which agrees to produce in limited quantities to avoid overproduction.

Each piece is knitted on demand before being given its Linnea Lund label by matriarch Linda.

The products are then hand-packed by before being shipped.


In order to offer a reasonably priced range, margins are kept to a minimum and the products are marketed directly by Linnea Lund, outside the usual distribution channel.


Linnea Lund entrusted the parisian association ACD, which supports people with disabilities, with the task of sewing the presentation bags, made from scraps of fabric donated by a prestigious textile group based in Côme, Italy.


Charlotte Linnea Björklund





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