Linnea Lund... Chapter 1

Linnea Lund... Chapter 1

By Charlotte Bjorklund

Linnea Lund... Chapter 1

Welcome to Linnea Lund’s first collection

It is with a lot of happiness and anxiety that I am sharing with you this first collection. ( I do hope there will be a numerous others to follow.)

This journey started in March 2018 where i produced my first two scarfs in order to please and keep warm my mother and a women that i like to call a second mother.

Those 2 scarfs ended up to be so beautiful that my brain started working… and little by little, the Linnea Lund project was becoming more and more concrete.

My love for textiles and yarns has always been very big and those last years thanks to some of my amazing clients, my knowledge has grown in this world and so has my love.

Their world is beautiful, so rich and so creative.

It is unfortunately a reality that those yarn makers and textile weavers are suffering more and more.

Little by little, fashion companies started to give up on their collaboration with those spinners as their prices where getting too high to be able to compete with the Chinese on the market.

Some spinners had to close their doors which is unfortunately something that is now very common to hear. It is very hard for these small businesses to survive globalization.

Even though the know how and the “made in” have still a strong meaning today… for the big luxury groups, today the biggest matter remains the price.

Frustation started there. I was seeing those amazing companies that we were working so hard on developping amazing yarns and beautiful colors every season to feel so misunderstood by the world.

And the worse in this situation is that, not only these companies are suffering but also the consumers.

In the past decades, we have seen the development of cashmere products. Today, cashmere isn’t a synonym of luxury anymore as you can find products written made in cashmere at very affordable prices.

But what does that mean?!

Is it the same yarn, but just less expensive ? Have we been paying a product all these years a price that is not it’s real value?!

Not at all… cashmere comes from specific goats animal living mainly in China and Mongolia. The parts of the animals that are the softest ( the neck, the belly…) provide the most exclusive quality of cashmere. The other parts like the behind will be the less expensive….

Linnea Lund was created to keep my loved ones warm but also with a will to try to participate in changing the way we consume and the way we live.

We are doing our best to provide you with the best products in the most beautiful colours at the best price.

How course this will mean that sometimes you will have to wait as we produce on demand.

For now, we have started only with Accessories but hopefully some sweaters will join soon.

Linnea Lund is about sustainability, beauty, softness, caring and love for others.

I am incredibly grateful that today we are live, so thank you for all the support I have received those past months and I am very excited to share this new chapter with you.

I do hope you will enjoy scrolling through the website,

please share as much as you can and please stay tuned, there is a lot more to come :-)

So at last but not least, a very special thanks to : Mum, Dad, Sophie, Angela, Julien, Chloé, Andrea, Marco, François, Maxime, Daniel & Juliette.

Stay warm!