"Les Fleurs"

"Les Fleurs"

By Linnea Lund

"Les Fleurs"

Linnea Lund celebrates the end of winter with the collection "Les Fleurs” imagined with the collaboration of the multidisciplinary artist Mary Clerté. This limited edition, composed of a cashmere blanket and matching cushions, brings together the joyful and colorful world of Mary Clerté's French and American background with the soft and warm atmosphere of Linnea Lund wich affirms its desire to open up to the world of home decor.


Dressing the living room with cashmere

Linnea Lund, the living room is now wearing cashmere with the collection "Les Fleurs", composed of a blanket and a mini-series of matching cushions. Two iconic accessories to decorate the living room, which can also be used outside for the remaining cool days and nights ahead. The beauty and comfort of this edition will surely make the summer season sweeter and warmer.


Linnea Lund likes to reinvent itself and venture where it is not expected...

The creation of a collection dedicated to home decor is therefore a first for the brand and so is the collaboration with an artist with the aim to create the perfect blanket and cushion combo: an ode to spring and an invitation to bring a touch of Swedish lifestyle into your home.


Break the rules

There is of course the tulip and the rabbit, two "classic" symbols of spring and Easter, alongside a more offbeat pattern, spiked with happy pills and tinted with a joyfully assumed kitsch, revealed through the color of a bright pink, orange and yellow. This aesthetic, as festive as it is surprising, is signed by the painter and video artist Mary Clarté whose offbeat universe is always infused with a touch of joyful uniqueness.


About Mary Clerté.. 

Mary Clerté represents in her work the innocence of childhood, with a touch of boldness and an appetite for vivid colors. A "bizarre and colorful" world, as Mary Clerté herself describes it, served by "a childlike energy" translated through her free and spontaneous drawing lines.


A plaid as a piece of Art

In between the flowers, a rabbit, her favorite animal, runs joyfully after a pill. Perhaps that of happiness. There is freedom and joyfulness where nature expresses itself without being retained. And since Mary Clerté started from a blank sheet of paper to design this print, the blanket is seen as a canvas to be displayed, before being worn.


... & Its jaquard cushions 

The jacquard cushions are a variation on the blanket itself inspired by the wallpaper that runs along the walls of the Paris and Stockholm boutiques. A joyful nod to nature and the beings that inhabit it. 


A drawing cloth made of cashmere yarn

From Mary Clerté's gouache drawing on paper to its perfect reproduction knitted by the brand's Italian collaborators, long hours of research, technical skills and unparalleled know-how, have gone into the making of this ultra limited edition. Once again the excellence and rarity of Linnea Lund's creations have spoken.


Linnea Lund

Founded in 2019 by Charlotte Linnea Björklund, the cashmere brand Linnea Lund offers timeless pieces made from cashmere yarn produced in China and Mongolia by family farms that defend animal well-being. Each creation is named after a member of the founder's family, who is committed to ethical, sustainable and responsible cashmere fashion.

Limited edition, available from April 13, 2023 and for two months in the boutiques of Paris and Stockholm, and on the e-shop.


Plaid: 895€ 

Cushion: 295€ 

Cushions set of two: 490€

Limited edition, available from the 13th of april 2023 and for two months in our Paris and Stockholm shop as well as on our website: https://linnealund.com