Charlotte's tips and advices for taking good care of your cashmere!

Charlotte's tips and advices for taking good care of your cashmere!

By Linnea Lund

Charlotte's tips and advices for taking good care of your cashmere!

Charlotte Björklund shares her tips and secrets for washing and drying your Linnea Lund cashmere garments. And, as you'll see, contrary to popular belief, cashmere is not "fragile" at all, and it's actually very simple and easy to care for. Charlotte tells you how.

Charlotte, is it safe to wash cashmere garments?

Yes, of course you can and it's highly recommended! In fact, unlike wool, which doesn't like water, cashmere loves it! In fact, it's essential for cashmere to allow it to keep its softness and not get damaged. 

And why is that? 

Because when cashmere meets water, it comes back to life! Water cleans the garment, of course, but not only that... As it dries, the fiber regains all its softness and flexibility. It's like having a new garment after every wash! So don't hesitate to wash your cashmere garments, and the best thing is to do it regularly. I recommend washing T-shirts after every wear. As for sweaters, it can be after you've worn them two or three times.

Hand-wash or machine-wash?

It doesn't matter, it depends on each person's habits. I always wash in the machine, selecting the "wool" program, the most important thing being to always wash cashmere in cold water and to limit or avoid spinning (no more than 600 rpm). You also need to choose the right products.

What products would you recommend?

First of forget the fabric softener, which, contrary to popular belief, is extremely corrosive! For this, you don't need to look very far, as at Linnea Lund we have a special detergent that respects our cashmere, keeps the yarn light and airy. It's organic, vegan and made in Sweden. I only use this one!

How do you dry cashmere? 

I recommend laying it flat as much as possible, even if this isn't always easy when you're short of space. You should also avoid drying it in the sun or near a heat source like a radiator. It's important that the fiber dries "naturally".

 Are you more on the "ironing" team or the "let the fabric iron itself" team?

I like it when it's perfect, without a crease, especially when it comes to my T-shirts... So I'd say I'm more on the "I iron" team. On the other hand, I hardly ever heat the iron and never apply it directly to the cashmere. I always use a "pattemouille".

How do you store cashmere garments in the wardrobe?

It's up to you! I put T-shirts on hangers because I don't like folds marks. On the other hand, I fold sweaters to prevent them from hanging.

Would you recommend the use of moth repellent?

Yes, because prevention is better than cure, as they say. And for a 100% natural moth repellent, I use linen or cotton pouches in which I place a few cloves. It's efficient, natural and smells great! That said, if the garment has been damaged or has come into contact with moths, my trick is to place it in a plastic pouch and put it in the freezer. The cold does wonders especially as it protects the fiber. Yes, it's amazing, but it works! At home, I always have one or two cashmere sweaters in the freezer... which always makes my friends laugh.

Do you have one last tip to share?

A cashmere yarn is even finer than a hair (in fact, the finer it is, the softer the cashmere will be), and like your hair, a cashmere garment needs to be combed regularly to get rid of accumulated dust as well as fuzz or other pilling that can form and make it less beautiful and less soft. 

And how do you comb cashmere?

It's very simple: with an appropriate comb. First, lay the garment flat so that it's taut, and smooth out any creases. Then hold the comb at a 90% angle to the fabric, and make short, repetitive movements towards the outside of the fabric to pull the down and pilling towards the edges. Once the garment has been combed, all you have to do is remove all the down from the comb, and you're done! Easy, isn't it? 

Let's sum it up! To care for your cashmere garments, Charlotte advises you to: 

  • wash in cold water, by hand or in the washing machine
  • choose a wool program, without spin-drying
  • use a suitable detergent
  • dry flat on the drying rack 
  • comb them regularly



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