My Linnea Lund: Jérôme Auriac

My Linnea Lund: Jérôme Auriac

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Jérôme Auriac

Jérôme Auriac, artisan leatherworker and founder of Larfeuille Paris Each week, we invite a woman or man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship with clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. This time, Jérôme Auriac, artisan leatherworker and founder of Larfeuille Paris, a young French leather brand, is the #MyLinneaLund man of the week!

Jérôme Auriac "tinkers and pampers the leather", as he likes to say. We, on another hand, think that he has the art of shaping it into beautiful objects to be worn or used at home. At Larfeuille, we marvel at the sober lines of the bags, wallets, computer cases and other everyday accessories made by hand, without the help of any machine, thanks to Jérôme's loving craftsmanship in his workshop-boutique in Paris's third arrondissement, next door to the Picasso Museum.

Jérôme Auriac has cultivated this gift for craftsmanship since his early days as an antiquarian book restorer. A love of things well-made, sustainable and repairable that he now applies to leatherwork. Exclusively French leather, tanned and dyed with vegetable tannins.

Jérôme Auriac not only carves leather into beautiful objects, he also conceived Larfeuille Paris as a place for sharing, transmission and reinstatement through creative work. How does he do it? By inviting people with no specific training to take part in the production process, giving them the opportunity to re-establish themselves in life through manual trades. Is there anything more fulfilling and satisfying than creating?

Linnea Lund's approach to altruistic entrepreneurship inevitably struck a chord with us, as did Jérôme Auriac's decision to manufacture on demand, without relying on stock. In this way, he gives life to objects that live and take on a patina, that accompany us through the ages and often take on a sentimental value, then sometimes end up outliving us to be passed on. Naturally, this reasoned production and vision of a different kind of fashion - which we share at Linnea Lund - inspired us to introduce you to the history of Larfeuille Paris and the talent of Jérôme Auriac, who, in his own way, is helping to revolutionize the world of leather.

Head for the right bank of Paris, rue du Pont aux Choux, where your glance has no choice but to be caught by the cheerful blue of the Larfeuille Paris façade, before succumbing to the call of the pretty things on display, like this bag with its crumpled paper effect. Jérôme Auriac was dressed in our Junior Macchiato cardigan, to talk to us about his vision of entrepreneurship, leather knowledge and the Linnea Lund pieces he loves.


To discover Larfeuille Paris leather goods:
The Larfeuille Paris Instagram account: @larfeuille_paris


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