My Linnea Lund : Clémence

My Linnea Lund : Clémence

By Bianca Aponte

My Linnea Lund : Clémence

Today, Clémence joins us for this week of #MyLinneaLund.

Every week, we invite members of the Linnea Lund community to meet with us and hear their perspective on their personal style and how they mix and match our iconic sweaters, cardigans, and accessories. It's personal, it's easy, it's through the eyes of the LL community, with love and care.

Clémence is the co-founder of Côme Éditions, a creative and unique women's ready-to-wear brand, which she runs with her brother. She also leads the artistic direction and creative studio, Côme Studio. Côme Éditions was founded with the vision of creating fashion and unique pieces consciously and ethically.

Our founder, Charlotte Björklund, and Clémence met when they discovered each other's brands on Instagram and realized they shared the same values. They quickly fell in love with each other's products and have supported each other since the beginning. It's no secret that one of Charlotte's favorite jackets is customized as part of the Côme x CSAO project. This project provides embroidery jobs to Senegalese women in various circumstances, helping them become self-sufficient and dream about their future. Additionally, Côme Éditions has the Recôme project, which aims to give new life to fabric scraps, along with several eco-friendly collaborations.

The values and social, ethical, and environmental commitment of Côme Éditions and Linnea Lund are so aligned that there was no doubt Charlotte and Clémence's paths would cross. Finding a brand with the same attitudes, beliefs, and colors as hers, it was obvious that Clémence would love our iconic pieces as much as we do.

Keep reading below to see how she integrates Linnea Lund into her wardrobe and daily style.

- How would you describe your style?
Contrasted, timeless, androgynous. I love mixing styles, genders, prints - even though in my daily life as a mother of two, comfort comes first.

- What is your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette?
Slate blue, seaweed, and last but not least, purple!

- How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere?
With jeans, overalls, or a mini skirt, my turtleneck goes with everything. And my kids haven't taken off their Linnea Lund turtleneck sweaters all winter.

- What objects represent Sweden for you?
Thick twisted wool socks and beautifully hand-painted clogs, which I know are sold at Linnea Lund.



Available within 2-3 weeks
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  • Black
  • Anette - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Anette - Off White
    Off White
Available within 2-3 weeks
Available immediately
  • Charlotte - Smoked Grass
    Smoked Grass
  • Charlotte - Baltic
  • Charlotte - Macchiato
  • Charlotte - Moka
  • Charlotte - Grass
  • Charlotte - Grigio
  • Black
  • Charlotte - Powder
  • Charlotte - Honey
  • Charlotte - Midnight Blue
    Midnight Blue
  • Charlotte - Off White
    Off White
  • Charlotte - Oatmeal
  • Charlotte - Pearl Grey
    Pearl Grey
  • Charlotte - Green Forest
    Green Forest
  • Charlotte - Cobalt
  • Charlotte - Chocolat
  • Charlotte - Jeans
  • Charlotte - Cherry Red
    Cherry Red
  • Charlotte - Slate blue
    Slate blue
  • Charlotte - Seaweed
  • Charlotte - Bordeaux
  • Charlotte - Lemon
  • Charlotte - Parme
  • Charlotte - Clay
  • Charlotte - Sage
  • Charlotte - Khaki
  • Charlotte - Flash Pink
    Flash Pink
  • Charlotte - Pebble
  • Charlotte - Anthracite