Charlotte's summer suitcase

Charlotte's summer suitcase

By Linnea Lund

Charlotte's summer suitcase

Summer inspired Charlotte Björklund's Sommar collection. A season that the Linnea Lund founder particularly loves for the tranquility it offers. As she prepares her suitcase for her summer destinations, Charlotte reveals her cashmere essentials and the Linnea Lund pieces that will never leave her side this summer... all against a backdrop of confidences...

Charlotte, when you hear the word "summer", what does it evoke for you?

To time slowing down... With summer, we enter a new rhythm, much slower than the rest of the year, and it's very pleasant. There's this feeling of having a lot of time ahead of you, thanks to the endless days. And for me, summer also means family. It's one of the times of the year when I meet up with my sister and her children, who live in New York for the rest of the year, for a stay with our parents in Normandy. It's a time for big, happy get-togethers and cosy evenings in the cool Normandy air! In fact, when night falls, I'm rarely seen without my Angela Poncho. It's perfect for wrapping up warm and cosy after a day in the sun.

 And after Normandy with your family, are you planning another destination?

Yes! I'm going back to Sweden in my little house by the water with my boyfriend. And there, the leisure will be to do nothing, enjoy nature, swim in the icy water (I love it!) and savor shrimps, salmon without moderation (it's my passion) and crayfish, because in August, in Sweden, it's high season! But before this Swedish interlude, I'm back in the South of France for an escape to Saint-Tropez, where we're opening a Linnea Lund pop-up store today and for the next fortnight. Yes, I'm proving that even in a town as hot as Saint-Tropez, you can still wear cashmere!

Are you more of an XXL wheeled suitcase or an ultra-light backpack?

I don't know how to travel light. So I don't have an XXL suitcase, but rather a collection of bags! I also have a cover for my shirts and dresses, because I like my clothes to be perfect. And I always carry my Linnea Lund tote bag. I love it because it's so light and practical with its two handles, one for carrying by hand, the other for carrying over the shoulder. It'll be with me all summer.


What other accessory do you always take with you when you travel?

I take my big beige cashmere and silk Meryll stole everywhere! And on the plane, as soon as I feel a draft, I put it over me. It's really big, so I can use it as a blanket. I know it's hard to believe, as I fly regularly back and forth between Paris and Stockholm, where we have our second Linnea Lund boutique, but it's true! And in these times of great emotional stress, my stole has a comforting power.


What tops will you be wearing this summer?

The Julius, I love this rather casual model that I wear with shorts or printed pants. It's very light and comfortable in hot weather. I also like the Julien tee in navy blue because it covers the arms, so I can wear it without a jacket. It's perfect for me, who - another secret - doesn't like to show off my arms. And of course, I bring along an Axel, which I turn around and place on my head or around my neck.

 What about stockings?

In summer, I love silk pants with pretty, colorful prints that I'll wear with a sober top. I'm also a big fan of denim shorts that I combine with our Sommar sweater, which I wear next to my skin.

So, are you more into sweaters than cardigans in summer?

It depends, but this summer, I've got a thing for Sommar. With its off-white color, it has that "healthy glow" effect that I love. I took it a size up to give the impression of having that i stole it from my boyfriend. And, for the record: I grew up seeing my parents wearing the sumptuous Blanc Bleu navy sweaters, that iconic French brand from the 1990s. And I really wanted to come up with a sweater with this navy inspiration, in cotton and silk. The silk adds softness, shine and suppleness to the sweater, which would have been "stiffer" if it were 100% cotton. In short, it's my summer and back-to-school sweater.

 Skirt or dress?

I'm more of a dress girl, and I'm always wearing our Juliana model, which is just what I'm looking for summer: a sober dress that's fun to wear during the day, and easy to twist with a belt or a pair of heels for a chic evening outfit! And if the air is cool, I complete my look with a Junior cardigan and my Meryll scarf.

 Bikini or one-piece swimsuit?

Completely one-piece swimsuit.

Your ultimate beach outfit?

A pair of Rondini spartan shoes, denim shorts and a white or light-blue shirt I stole from my boyfriend for the oversized look... and now, spoiler alert! Soon I won't have to steal his anymore, as we'll be releasing our own Linnea Lund shirts in the next few months. We can't wait!

What beauty product do you always use in summer?

The hair oil from Leonor Greyl, which protects my very blonde, very fine and therefore very fragile hair. It smells extremely good, so I can have a soft perfume in summer without having to wear perfume. And I always use the surplus on my hands to nourish the soles of my feet.

A family tradition during the summer season?

It's around the table, with very, very long breakfasts that can go on all morning, then with aperitifs with family and friends where there's no schedule to keep, just the pleasure of being together over a glass of chilled rosé!

Any last words of confidence?

After our pop-up store in Saint-Tropez in July, Linnea Lund will soon have another pop-up... this time on the other side of the Atlantic! In fact, at the end of August, I'll be facing up to my fear of flying once again to fly to Sag Harbor, a small seaside resort in the Hamptons where we'll have our future pop-up store. Yes, Linnea Lund is conquering America!


 Pop-up Store Linnea Lund at Dédé Concept Store

16 Rue Joseph Quaranta, 83990 Saint-Tropez

From July 13 to 23, 2023

10am - 8pm


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