My Linnea Lund : Kim Laursen

My Linnea Lund : Kim Laursen

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund : Kim Laursen

Each week we invite a woman or man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship to clothing, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our signature cashmere pieces. This time, it's Kim Laursen, a colorful stylist who worked for Maison Christian Lacroix, who is the #MyLinneaLund man of the week!

This Dane with boundless energy who worked for a long time in beautiful and prestigious Haute Couture houses before regaining his independence. But before we dive into his creative universe, let's go back in time... It's 1990 and Kim Laursen leaves his beloved Denmark for another promised land, which he loves just as much: Paris! The era was then one of wild graffiti and street culture on a hip-hop background, sprinkled with crews who were already drawing a new era of creations made in the suburbs and underground influences, while Edward at the hands of money arouses our curiosity for the cinema of Tim Burton and that the immense smile of the pretty Julia Roberts charms the world and a Richard Gere lost in Hollywood Boulevard.

But let's resume. We are therefore in 1990, Kim Laursen enters the Maison de l’Arlésien Christian Lacroix, founded three years earlier. It is here, in a baroque spirit tinged with a thousand bright colors, between floral prints and puffed sleeves, that the stylist cuts his teeth, sharpens his knowledge of materials, cultivates his taste for eclecticism and shapes his joyful and generous chromatic palette. Later will come Cacharel, Kenzo and so many other creators for whom Kim lets his originality and colorful creativity speak for themselves. A singularity that we immediately perceive by lingering on the pieces of his dressing room.

At home, the classic camel and navy blue mingle with bolder hues and variegated prints. A style made up of basic pieces to which he always gives a touch of fantasy. Like Lacroix, he likes the patchwork spirit and bright, intense reds. In the midst of his Scandinavian memories and the French ceramic objects he loves so much, Kim Laursen opens the doors of his Montmartre apartment which he has always shared with his companion Sergio Machado. That day, Kim had chosen to wear the camel version of our Edward round neck sweater to tell us about his job as a stylist, his creations and the Linnea Lund pieces he loves.

How would you define your style?
It is quite colorful and eclectic.

What is your favorite color from the Linnea Lund palette?
I like camel because I think it goes with everything, I also love navy blue. But I am someone who can also go as far as fuchsia pink or orange. I'm not afraid of flashy colors.

In your eyes, what objects represent Sweden?
Since my childhood, I have always had the small painted horses of Dalecarlia which exist in four different colors, red, navy blue, black or white. Today they are in my country house in Denmark. When I was little I also had hooves. And then there is the color red, the Swedish red of country houses, the most beautiful red for me.

Which room in your dressing room/or your apartment is your favorite?
I like the French furniture and ceramics that I have hunted down.

If I tell you cashmere, what do you think of?
It's cozy, comforting, soft and pretty, that's all I find in Linnea Lund.

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