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My Linnea Lund : Angela

By Charlie Tiani

Angela Linnea Lund mode responsable environnement

Each week, we invite a member of the Linnea Lund community to share their perspective on fashion. Together, we talk about their relationship to clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. And, of course, it's exciting and full of delicacy and love.

This time it's Charlotte's big sister Angela, who is the #MyLinneaLund woman of the week!

When asked what cashmere reminds her of, Angela answers without hesitation, "softness, simplicity and warmth." Three words that fit her so well that we could have attributed to her. For Angela is all of these things at once. She is one of those people who know how to be reassuring, comforting and attentive. A big sister par excellence who has always been very present for Charlotte, and this from the sketch of the first Linnea Lund creations.

And even though the two sisters don't live in the same time zone and haven't lived on the same continent for a long time, they are still connected to each other, no matter how far apart they are. Day or night, they can talk for hours on the phone, tell each other about their lives, doubt each other and give each other courage, just like two best friends. And that's what they are, too: "What I like about Angela is that she's not afraid of anything, she can adapt to any situation," says Charlotte. Her ability to reinvent herself inspired one of Linnea Lund's bestsellers: our 100% cashmere poncho, which can be worn as a coat, scarf or sweater, depending on the season and your mood. This essential and timeless piece of the Swedish dressing room embodies, to perfection, Charlotte's vision of fashion: clothes whose production has a low impact on the planet.

La Belle Bleue is another battle that unites the two sisters who are both trying to preserve it at their own level. Angela as a consultant in sustainable development with actions to reduce plastic consumption, Charlotte by defending a reasoned production and on demand. Essential values of respect for the environment and living beings that they inherited from their mother, Susanne, and that they pass on to the children of the family: Maya, Jenna and Noah.

Reunited for the summer in their mother's house, in Normandy, Charlotte and Angela catch up on the long months they were separated. The opportunity to immortalize these moments of joy, as a family, and to highlight this big sister that Charlotte admires so much. And it's wearing the traditional Swedish clogs that she never leaves, that the discreet but luminous Angela tells us about her wardrobe and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves.

How would you define your style?
Simple, elegant, classic.

What is your favorite color from the Linnea Lund palette?
I have many! But if I had to pick just one, the most unique and different, it would be Baltic.

How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere?
Every day with jeans, and in the evening with heels, or on weekends with a jogging suit!

What objects represent Sweden to you?
For me, Sweden is mostly about moments, like having breakfast outside all summer with the sun never setting. It's also picking chanterelles in the woods, nature in its purest form. And if I had to choose one object, it would be my mother's Swedish clogs, which everyone used, young and old alike. ☺️

What is your favorite room in your dressing room/or apartment?
My kitchen, because I love to cook and it's where we get together as a family, most often over a nice meal.

What piece of clothing from your wardrobe would you keep if you could only keep one?
The Angela poncho, because it's a coat, a scarf and a sweater all in one!

If I tell you cashmere, what do you think of?
Softness, simplicity and warmth.

Angela Linnea Lund mode responsable environnement
Angela Linnea Lund mode responsable environnement

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