My Linnea Lund: Amadine Lugnier

My Linnea Lund: Amadine Lugnier

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Amadine Lugnier

Each week we invite a woman or man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship to clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our signature cashmere pieces. This time, Amandine Lugnier, founder of The Reunion pop-up stores and experiences, is the #MyLinneaLund woman of the week!

Amandine is the "mum of 3 crazy kids full of energy", as she likes to describe her love of blond heads who make her daily life a whirlwind of happiness, colors and travels. Because Amandine has always been on the move and it is now in a tribe of five that she roams the world. Her last family adventure was written in Iceland and the magical memories are Northern Lights, a walk in the hollow of a volcano and improvised bathing in hot springs. From her many trips, always unforgettable, she still has images, shared moments, the power of family ties that are getting stronger and an object bought as a souvenir. Like this sculpted crocodile, brought back from his honeymoon in Brazil, 10 years ago, and which was one of the first memorabilia to find its place in his Parisian apartment full of pretty finds...

It must be said that it is somewhat the specialty of Amandine Lugnier to unearth beauties, and especially young designers with a promising future. It is even the starting point of her profession, which she dreamed of for a long time before inventing it! This is how twice a year, the "mumpreneur" brings together "all her favorite humans", as she says, during her pop-up stores The Reunion
that she builds around a theme that changes at each meeting. Besides, the next one will be inaugurated tomorrow, under the sign of a Cosmic Xmas at Café 52. As always, it promises to be as beautiful as it is inspiring!

A year ago, one of Amandine Lugnier's favorite human was named Linnea Lund and, since then, the young woman has fallen for some of our pieces in very colorful and super peppy shades! Like our Charlotte Flash Pink turtleneck in which Amandine Lugnier welcomes us to tell us about The Reunion, her travels and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves so much.

How would you define your style?
Simple and comfortable.

What is your favorite color from the Linnea Lund palette?
The pieces I have from Linnea Lund are very colorful. There is a green that I really like but which is very, very flashy. There is also the super peppy fuchsia pink!

In your eyes, what objects represent Sweden?
These are the clogs. It is a truly artisanal and hyper-authentic object, which immediately makes you think of the country.

Which room in your dressing room/or your apartment is your favorite?
It's the one where I spend the most time, it's my room, it's really a meeting place. In the morning, we wake up, we are two, and we are very quickly three, four, five with the children. And in the evening, before going to bed, we all meet in the bedroom to read stories. So for me, it's really the place where everything happens in the house. And it is above all the place where there is the most
laughter, hugs and love.

What item of your wardrobe would you keep if you could only keep one?
I wear a lot of jewelry to complement my style which is quite simple and so I'm a fan of my ring from Joya because it's full of color, imposing and it has a "wow" effect! I find her sublime!

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