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Delicate Touch...

Each of our sustainable cashmere pieces can be customized as you desire : for instance you can choose to embroider a name or some sweet words on the front or on the back of your pullover.

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We had been dreaming about a cashmere garment that would feel like a delicate second skin, providing the support needed. So we created the Alma top, conceived as a knitted bra that can be worn directly on your bare skin. It’s our ideal cashmere top : light, soft and with clear lines. With its straps that provide true support and its flattering, rounded neckline, you will never want to take it off.

Charlotte’s fashion tip:

“The Alma top will be perfect to wear all year long as a second skin, resplendent and comfortable. Create your twin-set and wear it with a cardigan such as the Nicolas or the Junior one, or under the Angela or the Britta poncho to protect yourself from the cold. With the return of better weather, this top will elegantly reveal just the right amount of skin all the while remaining breathable.”

Artisanal production, Made in Italy 

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The classic 100% cashmere — Stockholm is a cashmere knit obtained from spinning rather thick yarn. It is called ‘classic’ because it is the most widespread type, the cashmere knit you cannot miss! Very soft to the touch, fairly smooth, it provides an ever so desirable suppleness as well as thermoregulating properties that make it the perfect ally of winter sweaters and summer tops. Available in a large choice of colors, this fleece will never fail to charm you.

Shipping and returns

Delivered to you within 72 hours for products in stock, otherwise products are made on demand for you within 2/3 weeks.
Free returns and exchanges within 15 days

Vår ull tillverkas i en familjeverkstad i Cagli, Italien

Våra fibrer kommer från hållbara fårfarmer i Mongoliet

StockholmPieces made on demand to avoid overproduction and waste

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