Sweden, from where the heart is

I was born in Sweden, into a family embodying the country’s values of kindness, warmth, patience, and a taste for comfort. I had the idea to create Linnea Lund as I wanted to design scarves for my mother and my grandmother. The brand’s name pays tribute to the middle name that has been given to women in my family, Linnea – coincidentally it is also the Italian word for « thread » ! « Lund » is a Swedish word which means community, tribe, family.

Falun red, as the colour of love

Linnea Lund proudly represents Swedish colours and values. Throughout the collections, you will find this red hue, the typical colour associated with our houses in Sweden : made from a copper ore pigment, Falun red embodies the warmth of home. This colour warms our hearts, just like our cashmere garments do.

A mysigt designing process

The wool-lover that I am designed Linnea Lund cashmere pieces by keeping in mind the Swedish idea of mys – which forms the adjective « mysigt ». It refers to cosy and warm home interiors where every detail has been considered, to guarantee comfort and well-being. I have also considered every detail while founding Linnea Lund : first I have followed each step of the supply and production chain (from harvest to knitting) to ensure respectful and caring conditions for workers as well as for animals. Then I have envisioned a customer experience that makes you feel at home. We have examined every last detail, thus Linnea Lund is caring for each one and exceeds the customer needs.

A story made up of several families

To produce our wool, we have been working in collaboration with other families who are renowned for their great expertise and know-how.
In Cagli, Italia, we found a family-owned workshop specialised in carding and combing wool threads, whose fibres originate from sustainable sheep farms in Mongolia. Fifteen kilometers – or 9 miles – away, we met the matriarch Linda who manages a lovely, family-run knitting workshop where Linnea Lund labels are sewn by hand, with love and patience. Every item of clothing is made on demand so as to avoid over-production and waste of such precious wool.

We like to write about sustainability, delicious swedish cooking, and simple moments spendt with others.