My Linnea Lund: Théo Jaquet

My Linnea Lund: Théo Jaquet

By Linnea Lund

My Linnea Lund: Théo Jaquet

Each week, we invite a woman or man from the Linnea Lund community to talk about their relationship with clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. This time, Théo Jaquet, founder of Alt, a young brand of timeless, unisex jewelry, is this week's #MyLinneaLund personality! 

With Théo Jaquet, it all began on Place de Furstemberg, between the colorful walls of our Linnea Lund boutique. It was November 1st," recalls Charlotte, who was in the store that day to welcome you. Among the visitors was Théo Jacquet, who had come to discover our men's collection. He'd fallen for one of our cashmere sweaters, the first he'd ever bought for himself, before returning a few weeks later to pick up some of our must-haves to spoil his nearest and dearest on Christmas Eve... And it didn't take long for Théo and Charlotte to hit it off. First they talked about fashion and the act of creating, then about the adventure of entrepreneurship and the importance of know-how and craftsmanship, but also about their shared desire to create beautiful, durable objects with a story behind them. 

Charlotte immediately took a liking to Théo's cheerful, bright temperament: "I was delighted that Linnea Lund aroused the interest of a young entrepreneur like himThéo, a man of taste with values in common with Linnea Lund. He's a person with a lot of energy in whom I recognize myself". So it was obvious to Charlotte that Théo should become one of our Linnea Lund ambassadors, and we'll tell you exactly why!

It was a no-brainer for Charlotte that Théo would join the Linnea Lund family as an ambassador!

As with Linnea Lund, the Alt brand was born of a beautiful family story, and more precisely of an inheritance. Indeed, Théo had fun diverting sentimental objects inherited from his grandparents from their original function and turning them into jewelry. A pocket watch chain became a necklace, a cufflink a pendant... And so, in a playful way, jewelry became part of his life, piquing his curiosity and creative spirit. So much so, in fact, that a year ago he launched his own brand of timeless, unisex jewelry.

Alt is all about original jewelry, designed and made in France. There are unisex and transgenerational rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings, designed from two precious and durable materials: silver and vermeil. Why choose vermeil? For its hypoallergenic properties and resistance, as it contains 2 to 5 times more gold than gold-plated jewelry. There's nothing like it for longevity.


At the beginning of spring, Théo Jaquet welcomed us to his cream-colored apartment in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, in our Hugo cardigan and Julien - Bronze tee-shirt, to talk about the objects he inherited from his grandparents, which are dear to him, and the Linnea Lund pieces he loves.



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Pop-up store from 13 to 18 june, 10 passage Verdeau, Paris 9th. 10:00 am – 7:30 pm.
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