My Linnea Lund : Susanne Björklund

My Linnea Lund : Susanne Björklund

By Charlie Tiani

My Linnea Lund : Susanne Björklund

Each week, we invite a member of the Linnea Lund community to share their views on fashion. Together we talk about their relationship to clothes, their wardrobe and how they like to mix and match our iconic cashmere pieces. And, of course, it's exciting and full of delicacy and love.

This time, Susanne, owner of Elevage du bonheur and mother of Charlotte, is the #MyLinneaLund woman of the week!

Charlotte and Susanne, it's the story of a mother's infinite love for her daughter, and a daughter's admiration for her mother. "Mum, she's not afraid of anything. She is the most incredible woman I've ever met", Charlotte confides to us, an unconcealed emotion in her voice.

Her hair held back in a carefully coiffed bun that her determined step will not unravel, Susanne has the appearance of someone who has had to leave everything behind to reinvent herself elsewhere, far from home. There is this natural and warm simplicity that you can read in her smile, and the obvious determination of someone who has without ever forgetting her native Sweden.

And it is in Normandy, between the sea and the countryside, that Susanne has found her heart's desire to build her island. A peaceful stud farm for her horses, her dogs, her cats and her hens that she cherishes as much as people but less than her children who are to her, more than anything else. Loving and maternal, Susanne has always been very present in Charlotte's life, with whom she has an indestructible bond, the kind that can only exist between a mother and a daughter. They know each other by heart and Charlotte has long observed her mother, who naturally became her first muse, the one through whom and for whom everything began.... "Mum is very chilly, and I created Linnea Lund to warm her up". So Charlotte in turn gave her a soft, reassuring cocoon. And because her mother's arms have often wrapped her in love, it was obvious to Charlotte that the scarf from the Linnea Lund's dressing room, one of the brand's most essential and comforting pieces the brand's most essential and comforting pieces, should be named Susanne. "Since not everyone can have a mother like mine in their life, this was my way of giving to offer others a Susanne. Everyone should have a Susanne in their life!" A beautiful declaration of love from Charlotte to the one who always believed in her, and who, from the very beginning of Linnea Lund's life, has been at her side, sometimes working in the from Normandy, improvising herself as a seamstress. A woman's love, truly.

But more than that, Susanne has passed on to Charlotte the attention to the welfare of the animals that is the basis of her work, as well as this soberly elegant way of wearing a cashmere jumper over a simple white blouse.

And so it is dressed in our Oscar sweater in its Off-White version, that Susanne welcomes us with a huge smile and an equally huge joy, to tell us about her wardrobe and the Linnea Lund pieces she loves.

- How would you define your style?
My style is simple, elegant, yet feminine. I place a high value on quality. For me, less is more.

- What is your favourite colour in the Linnea Lund palette?
I really like Macchiato for the warm months, Oatmeal for its softness and Midnight Blue which is beautiful and ideal for the winter.

- What objects do you think represent Sweden?
As a Swede, if there is anything that is close to my heart, it is clogs. I have worn them all my life and I think it is fabulous that Linnea Lund is selling them. 

The Trätofflor, there is nothing that beats the Trätofflor and especially not the one that have a decoration / painting on top!

The scarves also represent Sweden, as it is so cold in winter, the Swedes love to put one or two scarves around the neck.

- How do you wear cashmere ?
I love the Oscar and the longer Torsten model worn with a white shirt. Ingrid with Greta in similar tones, like Oatmeal and Off-White.
I also love Anette, easy to wear with jeans, a skirt, in front of the fire or in
stroll in the forest.
Don't forget the Casa, a plaid that does everything. Beautiful on the sofa, scarf for breakfast in the morning, in front of the house.
It is easy to mix the products and the colors of Linnea Lund.

- What is your favorite room in your dressing room and/or apartment?
My beautiful mirror, where I can look at the beautiful products of Linnea Lund!

- Which item of clothing in your wardrobe would you keep if you could only keep one?
 Anette in Off-White.

- If I say cashmere, what do you think of?
On a cloud in my Casa Oatmeal.


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