My Linnea Lund : Julia

My Linnea Lund : Julia

By Mickael Loison

My Linnea Lund : Julia

Today is your episode of #MyLinneaLund.  

Every week, discover members of the Linnea Lund community, who share their views on their personal style and on how they mix and match our iconic Julien, Clara, Berit… It’s personal, it's easy, it's from the eye of the LL community, with love and care. 

Today, we are so pleased to welcome Julia, Linnea Lund's very first client Charlotte met opening the shop place de Furstemberg in September 2019. 

Welcoming the shop, welcoming Charlotte with her whole heart, she's been coming see us almost every week-ends to bring her warm support and immerse in the universe of softness of LL.

It's been a real friendly crush and now she is a close friend of Charlotte : supportive, loyal, kind, that's great words to describe her, that's the kind of relation Charlotte craves for !

As she loves our creations, today she's going to describe us her style, how it matches our LL's pieces.

How would you define your style?

Pretty simple with a few quirky pieces sometimes. 

Your favorite color in the Linnea Lund palette? 

Hard to choose but I would say pale pink at the moment for its softness and luminosity.

 How do you wear Linnea Lund cashmere? 

Cashmere is one of my favorite materials so in winter, I don't ask myself questions, it's jeans, boots and cashmere sweater. And having tested a lot of them, Charlotte's are by far my favorite because the quality of the yarn is incredible. 

 What object for you embodies Sweden? 

When I think of Sweden, it's rather an atmosphere that comes to mind, a dry and sunny cold, a red wooden house, a fire crackling in the fireplace and a big cashmere blanket on a velvet sofa. 

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